Free: Arabic Calligraphy Brushes for Infinite Painter

All Arabic calligraphy brushes for Pinter, you can download for free.

These brushes meet the basic needs to start experimenting and learning digital calligraphy on mobile and tablets. These brushes work on any mobile device, whether Android or Apple, especially Samsung Note and Tab.

I developed these brushes to give everyone the opportunity to try the digital font on any device and for free before going into the purchase of an iPad because the Procreate app is exclusive to the iPad. Unfortunately, I do not think that Procreate has any intention of releasing its application on other devices. Fortunately, there is an app that is very similar to Procreate, which is Infinite Painter.

This program is excellent and works on Android and iOS, you can use it on any Android device of any type or size, even on iPhone and iPad… During my experience with this program, I found its performance very excellent and close to Procreate, the program is also free with basic features and to get the advantages In the program, you have to buy it.

As for the digital line, the free features in the application are more than enough in my opinion, and when you get used to the program, you can buy it.

Instructions for use
  1. Download the file to your mobile device
  2. Open the file inside Pinter directly or through Import Files
  3. For more details on how to install, watch the following video

New Brushes

Pro Brushes for S-Pen and Apple Pencil

I created new professional brushes for Infinite Painter with support for Samsung S-Pen and Apple Pencil.

Check the new brushes here.

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